Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Living in Florida makes me fortunate enough to be inundated daily by surrealism and absurdity. From soup to nuts, nature to the man-made, things here are consistently out of the ordinairy. Naturally, this extends to settings for art shows and their participants. A couple of weeks ago I joined the Florida Etsy Street Team (FEST for short). I knew I had to be a member when I read on their call to artists on Craigs List for an art and craft show at Florida's famed Dinosaur World attraction. So dedicated was I to the concept of hocking my art at a kitschy old Florida roadside homage to all things prehistoric that I hauled my ass out of bed pre-dawn on a Sunday! I was not disappointed. The day was fair as were my fellow Etsians. So much delightful swag to be had! So many violent, fiberglass dinosaur sculptures to ponder! Below are some pictures from the event. Many more can be seen here.

My Swag at the Fest:

More Swag:

The facts of life are not spared at Dino-World:Photobucket

The rarely seen "Hip-Hop-osaurus":

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Athena's Armoury said...

Glad you guys had a good day! Hopefully, I'll be able to vend with you next time. =)

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