Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More complaining about HGTV

I wonder if when people start looking for a home they really cannot seperate a feminine bedspread from an otherwise perfect master-suite. First of all, I never hear the "real estate experts" Donna and Shannon Freeman advising the sellers that their taste is "too masculine", but the moment they lay eyes upon a singular lace ruffle or a daub of paint in any shade of purple, they sound an alarm that a body snatcher might envy. It's strange to me that two women who could NOT be more like a pair of drag queens if they began tucking their naughty-bits betwixt their legs, are so repulsed by anything stereotypically girly.
Is femininity really that traumatizing? Would a potential buyer really end up in the whirlpool bath in the fetal position if they spy a floral chintz curtain? Is this all part of the new socialism? Apparently it is no longer advisable to express our individuality for fear of how it might affect the "value" of all our "investments". Perhaps to avoid this potentially devastating scenario the sellers should dip themselves in beige paint so that the buyers don't run screaming from the closing.
This reminds me of the infinite instances where I as a heavily tattooed woman have been told to cover my artwork for fear of offending the delicate sensibilities of some unknown human quotient at whatever drudge job I happened to be working at the time to fund my glamorous, bohemian, artistic lifestyle. I still to this day do not know who I was protecting, considering that even when I've come into contact with elderly people at work, the most flamboyant reaction to my ink has been mild curiosity. My tattoos, as far as I know have not caused any heart attacks or triggered anyone's PTSD. Perhaps I should try a little harder and start wearing chintz...

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Anonymous said...

One wonders. But then, people buy crappy products sometimes due to pretty packaging, so maybe the "real estate experts" are on to something.

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