Friday, May 30, 2008

Yay! Dolls and a Show!

Tomorrow night is the second Square One art event entitled GO! at the Ritz in Tampa's historic Ybor city. Bar none, this is one of the most gratifying events in the area, for both artists and appreciators. As I set up my work today, I was once again astounded by the variety and potency of the talent present. The Tampa Bay Art Scene is truly fecund, so much so that it may burst it's boundaries at any moment, garnering the national recognition it richly deserves. Organizers Gary Randall and Okesene Tilo have managed to assemble a roster showcasing an incredibly inclusive and eclectic array of art, music, and fashion while affording all us creative types dignity and respect for what we do, nothing short of a miracle in today's world of bullshit art ass kissing and ostentatious exclusivity. Their youthful enthusiasm, networking savvy and generosity evokes a celebratory and harmonious energy that eclipses many other established events I've been a part of. All of this and none of the art sucks! Representatives from Tampa Bay's established art community such as, P$ynner, Robert Wegman, Treza Bettencourt and Carolina Cleere will be exhibiting side by side with art show virgins such as Malisha Dewalt, whose photo-realistic pencil drawings are absolutely dumbfounding in their accuracy and completely gripping in their subject matter and tone. This event promises to be a pure celebration of creative flow, free from the tedious political posturing and jaded snobbery that afflicts so much of the art world. What a very Caribbean way to roll...

As if this is not enough to lure you there tomorrow night, I've finally finished the "Series of Endless Desires" dolls I've been toiling over. Yes. One can toil over dolls. They are companion pieces to the series of paintings I'm working on bearing the same name.The series ponders the question " Are human desires truly endless?". I don't know the answer but I intend to paint each one until I find out. The dolls can be are seen below and can be purchased at Click the pics to see the full frontal.

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