Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's really been a lovely week...lovely week...lovely week.

Do you ever recall what it felt like to wake up during Summer vacation and know that the whole world was an open pathe before you? Ever since I've moved to Florida I get that feeling more than I have my entire adult life. There is nothing more delicious to me than the feeling of possibility and this week has been rife with the wonderful surprises that possibilities bring.
I may finally be afforded the possibility of living in a house rather than an apartment for the first time since I was 19. Quite honestly, even then I felt very confined because of the parameters set by an overbearing mother. I lived only in my room and felt restricted in my movements anywhere else in the house. Do I dare to dream of space to paint? A place that feels like home? A yard? A real neighborhood? Not living directly off of a 6 lane highway. I feel like I'm gazing up at a perfect fruit hanging for the first time not on the highest limb but within my reach. Please keep your fingers, brushes, knitting needles and everything else crossed for me.
I've also been honored with not one but two features about my work on the blogs of artists whose work I enjoy and admire. The
Arts and Crafts Goddess creates precious handmade cards which embody the type of sentiment and intention imbued in lasting momentos. Her etsy shop offers various designs with the choice of personalization at very reasonable prices. I love the wit and charm of the "Miss Shoe" card seen here. Is my obsession for footwear revealing itself mayhaps?

My work was also featured on the blog of Norakaren, a fashion designer from the Miami area who handpaints beautiful one of a kind clothing. Her designs epitomize lush tropicalia. They are glamorous but retain the joie de vivre and whimsy which define life in the southern climes. Her peacock dress emblazoned with an apropos haughty metallic shimmer is just gorgeous. Truly befitting the proud peacock within us all...

Next Saturday the 31st is the second Square One art show in Tampa's Ybor City district. The last one blazed with incredible energy and talent. I am so looking forward to this show and I will have an array of work from the dolls series on display. For some bizarre reason I was a total social basket case at the first show, which is not usually how I roll. I'm hoping that this time around I'm a little less randomly social phobic. I can't wait. ;)


Jenny said...

So happy for you that you're having a lovely week and wishing you good luck at your upcoming art show! I'm sure you will do really well....may be bring your cane and top hat? Ha! Just kidding!

Tarot By Arwen said...

I love that peacock dress. Love love love LOVE it! The idea of wearing your inner peacock as an outie... well just wow!

How goes the hunt for living space? :|

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