Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hunker down!

After a long writing hiatus, both blogside and out in the wide world, I have returned triumphant to the ranting editorial. My first published work in many a moon is now available for the singeing of eyeballs and hopefully the bolstering of spirits at
The subject? Gay Marriage, and more broadly our tenuous grasp on civil rights. Read the article HERE.

Not coincidentally, I am working on a series of Gocco prints depicting historical badasses. Dead folks everyone should, I believe, hold in high esteem. Below is a photo of the first print, an homage to Doc Holliday.

I'm running these prints in limited editions of around 24 or so. The subjects will all have flocked hair for the sake of brevity and to encourage tactile interaction a'la "Pat the Bunny", only with beards and moustaches. Next up an homage to Mother Jones. Prints are available for a nominal fee at my etsy shop.

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