Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random thoughts for Thursday

Thursday is the end of the week for me at my straight job. Usually by Thursday I'm both exceptionally tired/burnt out and ridiculously gleeful because I don't have to be back here until Monday. Typically my thoughts are a lot less cohesive by the end of the week and I start to create disconnected lists of random events and thoughts. In honor of this weekly even I bring you without further adue...RANDOM THOUGHTS FOR THURSDAY....

  • If I wasn't certain that George C. Scott was dead I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles that he was driving all over the road in a silver Kia this morning.
  • Tiny the Trolloping Cat has suddenly decided this week to stop trolloping and stay indoors at night. Her curled paws on the couch could melt the coldest heart. I wonder what changed her mind?
  • My friend P$ynner, artist extraordinaire, has offered to help me make some dolls based upon subjects in my paintings. I'm insanely excited about the possibilities.
  • I stayed up to watch "In Her Shoes" last night because I like Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette. It was a pretty pointless flick but I still like Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette. Needless to say J woke me up early to assuage her car paranoia because I stayed up late. I looked lovely tromping around the parking lot in green sweats and a Mr. Bill T-shirt that used to belong to my mom.
  • I have another OBLIGATION FREE weekend coming up. I'm beside myself with excitement and will probably accomplish very little because of it, though I tell myself I will spend the entire time painting.

I think that's all but I reserve the right to add more random shit until midnight tonight.


Unknown said...

George C Scott never died, he just swam off with Shelley Winters to live under the sea...(I know it was Stella Stevens he was with in the Poseiden Adventure, but I like the thought of he and Shelley better)

..and how could you not like that stupid *twinkle movie???? You could put Shirley MacLaine in one of those cheesy bible reenacted videos they push on late night TV and I'd watch it. But moreover, the way they portray the sister's relationship in that movie is pretty powerful, made me wish I had a sister...

ps what is car paranoia?

Michelley said...

Car paranoia is the feeling that seizes your significant other when you are sound asleep at the crack of dawn compelling them to rouse you from said sleep so that you can listen in concert with them to some heretofore unheard noise emanating from the car's engine that neither you nor they can decipher in order to reassure S.O. that their automobile will not explode during their drive to work.
Get it? Got it? Good.

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