Monday, March 24, 2008

ArtLoud in Tampa

I simply adore living in Florida. There is an extremely healthy art scene in the Tampa Bay area. It is diverse and surprisingly unpretentious. Support for each other's endeavors is shared generously among the artists who live here and the talent pool is vast.

Below are some photos of the Artloud installation in Downtown Tampa. The installation was conceived by CREW Tampa Bay as a gift to the city. Anyone familiar with the city knows that though resplendent with beautiful and varied architecture, the downtown area is sorely underdeveloped both residentially and commercially. About 30 artists participated in the event to present a vision of what a thriving downtown could become. Each of us painted at least one 8' x 4' panel (some did several) which were installed during the weekend of the Gasparilla Arts Festival on a block of mostly abandoned store fronts only steps aways from the historic Tampa Theatre.

Here are some pics. Mine is the Toy Shop.

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