Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cute Shoe Sunday: Easter Edition

We all know Easter mainly offers fodder for the feather fascinator set, but let's face it no matter how belle your chapeau, if your shoes aren't the shit you may as well forgo the parade and forage for day old eggs. Today's special Easter edition of Cute Shoe Sunday suggests that you bomb the bonnet and go straight for the booties.

I'm truly bananas for these Spring masterpieces crafted by shoe maestra Chie Mihara.
Navy blue with red polka dots has always screamed "I'm a slut, but I'm discerning!", don't you agree?
Omei by Chie Mihara

Since Holidays exist to rationalize overindulgence here's another pair of Chie's shoes to make your drool (be sure to dab the  Easter chocolate away lest it drip on your shirt). Wear these to the office and remain firmly rooted in rock n roll defiance as you kowtow to your douchebag boss.

April by Chie Mihara

And finally, a pair for when you're feeling proper and primrose rather than necessarily prim. All my fellow Miss Fairfaxes will understand  the impulse to which I refer. I only wish these came with matching kid gloves.

Osmo by Chie Mihara
And so, my hoppy hoofers, I leave you to your dreams of traipsing gaily through fields of Easter grass whilst wearing the fine fancies I've shared with you. As always,  until next time, I bid you a-shoe.

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