Friday, February 12, 2010

Ratboy To Visit Seattle.

I am certain that Spring is coming because today I rolled down my window and listened to my CD player really loud as I drove to Big Lots.
Big Lots, where I scored a bottle of olive oil for $3.50.

In honor of Spring's imminent arrival, I thought I'd change my blog dress. Do you like it? I' d wear it to boot ranch and feel quite comfortable walking around a botanical garden afterward.

Also in honor of Spring I have shipped the painting
"For the Love of Money; Child Eating a Rat" to a group show taking place at South Seattle Community college. The show is entitled "Live+Work: Artists Respond to the Global Recession", which is ironic considering it cost me a small fortune to ship the piece.

I'm very excited to be part of the show though, and only wish there was no recession so I could actually attend the opening. Here's the painting, if you're in Seattle go see it and tell it I said "Hi".

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