Monday, March 24, 2008

The devolution of intimacy.

Recently I had an encounter that made me question whether knowledge of someones personal finances is more intimate than that of the carnal variety. During the course of my discussion I was assured that indeed it was because with that knowledge comes the power to destroy someones life.
I am having a really difficult time wrapping my head around the notion that post-modern man will allow freer access to their punannies and prostates than to their pin numbers. "Yes darling, I trust you to navigate the deepest realms of my nether regions with multitudinous foreign objects. Additionally, I will allow you , at whim, to probe the darkest corners of my psyche, presenting you the knowledge of my worst fears and greatest hopes. All this I give to you but I shall never violate the sacred trust of my holy bank account, for it is easier for a camel to slip through a postmodern asshole than it is for a poor man to enter the Kingdom of Nordstrom's".
Now in fairness, I do get that a girl has to guard her identity lest some unsavory type try to destroy her credit. I get that in a world hyper-concerned with commodity our credit is the lynch pin upon which most of our assurance of worldly goods is hinged. What I cannot comprehend is how a system of commerce, so arbitrarily conceived and implemented, can so easily and thoroughly be imposed upon every single conscious being. I do not understand how readily we pull this fascist ideology to our breasts, elevating it as our holiest of holys, all in the name of that elusive comfort we seek in the spectre known as security.
I suppose I believed trust was earned and once so, unconditional. I just hate it when idealism raises it's ugly head like that.

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