Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cute Shoe Sunday

Sometimes the only respite from the bullshit of reality is to immerse oneself fully in real bullshit. I say when life hands you shit, make yourself some shineola! For me, one of the fastest ways out of the dump is gazing at the beauty  of fine footwear. The more impractical and expensive the better. Keeping these tenets in mind I bring you the Artagonista's first installment of Cute Shoe Sunday. A day of rest. A day to keep your legs in the air like you just don't care -  preferably with precarious heels perched upon your feet as you cast a reverent gaze skyward.

I want these. Badly. I don't care that they're a poor man's version of Alexander McQueen's  brilliant Lobster Claw booties. These must be had and worn all Summer with all manner of cute frocks. Best yet, they come in several different colors, including purple, raspberry and the delightfully woodsy kelley green depicted below. You may be hard pressed to find them in some of the more festive colors, which is a sad but not unexpected outcome when battling for shoe-whore supremacy.

Gee WaWa's Flora Wedge Sandal in Kelley Torino

This week has been treacherous and exhausting so you'll have to be satisfied with the above offering until next Sunday when I bring you more of the best fancies for your feet. Until then, I bid you a-shoe.

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